Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do people in hell eat s'mores?

What does Ricky say to Lucy? Ahyayi! So we are reading in the children's bible story book about Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days and nights being tempted by the devil....Actually since I am never really sure how age appropriate certain topics are for a 3 year old, I avoid reading how Cain killed able! I mean getting over David "slaying" Goliath took weeks of "Why was that giant so mean?" "If he had used his manners would David have still thrown the rocks at him?" And yes I substituted slaying for killing. So back to last night: Question #1 was "Mom what's a Devil?" Not sure exactly how to answer, I called my mom. Not home. Called her cell. Pops answered. And Bradford thinks Pops (Richard) knows EVERYTHING! And of course he does have a great response. When all else fails, take it back to the beginning. The Devil was an angel in Heaven that did not want to follow God's rules. Great opening line. I can take it from there. Except that Aunt Brittany was over and she decides to throw out her two cents with He lives in Hell with lots of fire and that is where the bad people go. Oh boy! So she goes home and am left with all the questions like where do people in hell sleep? And what do they eat? I bet they can make s'mores with the fire. Mom do you think the devil eats s'mores? Is it bedtime yet?


Heather M said...

Just remember this Brittany moment and pay it back when it is her turn! :)

Rena said...

Oh you bet I will. Going on the list with dont explain to a 3 year old how a mouse trap kills mice!