Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"I tee-teed thru my pants."  This does not mean he tee-teed in his pants.  He actually wanted to see if he could shoot his pee thru his pants. 

"Mom I don't eat oranges.  Why did you not know that?"  Sorry kid it's hard to keep up with what you eat and don't eat each day.  Maybe you could make me a list each morning telling me what is in and what is out! 

During a discussion about Bradford and his daddy camping in the backyard, Bradford said, "Hey I could wear my bear costume (which is from halloween 2008 and about 3 inches too short) and then jump out of the tent and scare Daddy bc he will think there is a real bear in the backyard!" 

The all time favorite: "Mother, Father will you please call me son?"  This went on for a week with Bradford calling me Mother and Brandon Father.  It was quite entertaining and caused many confused looks at Target!  Guess it was better than his stage where he called me Rena for about a month.  So glad that is over.

Don't ever let 'em see you sweat!  Just go with the flow man!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coming out with my hands up!

I'm surrounded by clothes as I sit on the floor of my youngest son's room.  All so cute, so yummy!! Full of memories and fun times. I'm the mom that dresses my babies in smocking, embroidered bubble suits and footie’s, and in baby blue sear sucker. Many of my friends with boys say "I love that outfit but Oh, my husband would die if I dressed my son in that!" and they wag around their babies dressed like frat daddies! (No offense here girls!)  I only have about a year and then my own husband draws the line by age 3!  No more monogramming on the front! I'm trying to pack up all this sweetness in a Rubbermaid tote and it's killing me!
So I'm taking a break and blogging. What would you do?
First, I went thru it all and pulled out things I knew were too small then
some things like the white linen sailor romper I put back saying I bet
he can wear that one more time! And let's not forget the adorable
plaid suit that was really too short but when he wore his Ugg boots
with it you could not tell....or so I told myself until my 4 yr old told me his brother's pants were too short!
So I decided to go see what gems were stored in the attic saved from
big brother. With the contents of 2 1/2 totes I am now prepared to
pack away even more than I was when I started this adventure!! But
NEWS FLASH: my almost 2 year old has 12 pair of pjs so if you were
thinking of buying him some please DONT! Thnx. (PS this is after getting rid of all the 18-24 months and only keeping the 2T) So now that I'm ready to pack some more baby stuff away, how do I finally make myself get it out if the house all together??? That will be for another day all together...Great, Brandon just washed 2 more pair of jammies…We are up to 14!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

So here we are....

June 1996: Sitting by a camp fire looking up at thousands of stars in Yosemite National Park, I started thinking I could so fall in love with this guy!  Not sure if I was ready for that or not.  And honestly it was over a year and half before I ever spoke those words out loud. 
March 18, 1998: I will never forget these words, " You have made me the happiest person in the world.  And I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy!  I Love You.  Will you marry me?" 

So there we were, young, in love and completely confused about how to make one another happy.  What a path we had to travel.  But the journey has been amazing, surreal, an experience I would do all over again to learn the lesson and live this life.  When you learn to stop depending on another person to MAKE you happy, you find true unity.  Then you discover what two shall become one actually means.  Everything in my life has led me to this life we live.  And live to the fullest, we do!   We joke sometimes about Holy Cow, what if we had a baby in our 20's!  Let me tell you we had a lot of growing up to do but even more so we had a lot of getting to know one another to do.  The great thing is neither of us sees ourselves as a "Grown up" and we look forward every day to what else we need to learn...Looking forward to the next decade or two and what life has to teach us, together. 

                                                        Fall 2004

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Open letter to the Mom at the Park

Dear Mom at the Park,
I wonder at times why I am the only mom actually IN the sandbox while you are playing with your iPhone way over there on the bench.  Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone too.  But why am I carrying on a conversation with your child that you are completley oblivious to?   Why do you not bring your own sandbox toys to the park with the BIGGEST sand box in the county?  Honestly, we do not mind sharing our toys--My 4 year old told you that like 3-4 times!   If you are going to have a fit, yelling at your 3 year old over and over to put our toys down, then
A) Bring your own toys
B) Don't drop your kid off in the sand box! 
And please explain to me why your child can not play with our sand toys?  I assure you I stay home when my children have the plague.  Half the time you are yelling at them to share, so when another child is willing to share, you yell for them to not play with what is being shared with them.  Really, in case you dont know, sitting in a sandbox watching other kids play with dump trucks, shovels and other things while you play on your phone is quite boring for your child.  You might as well stay at home.  At least there he could learn his ABC's via Big Bird or something... 

The Mom IN the sandbox
(the lady that your child is covering with sand)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yeah Me!

Yeah me! It's almost my birthday! It’s almost spring. It's almost full on sandal weather. I feel so good. It's like a drug to me. The euphoria of spring always makes me happy, practically giddy! Time for a pedicure, time to get my hair done and wear a smile plastered to my face every day!! Ahh! Plans in the works with co-workers for Wed night, family on Thursday, and girlfriends this Friday, next Friday and again the week after and The Sisters somewherre in there....

Good things always happen on my birthday. My 1st kiss with my adoring hubby three years before we got married: on my birthday! Proposed to: on my birthday! And my birthday during Spring Break is like a constant vacation in honor of my birthday. So in case you can not tell I am only slightly narcissistic enough to truly believe it is all about me! So here is to guilt-free cupcakes, a bottle of wine and a great day!  I love March!