Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yeah Me!

Yeah me! It's almost my birthday! It’s almost spring. It's almost full on sandal weather. I feel so good. It's like a drug to me. The euphoria of spring always makes me happy, practically giddy! Time for a pedicure, time to get my hair done and wear a smile plastered to my face every day!! Ahh! Plans in the works with co-workers for Wed night, family on Thursday, and girlfriends this Friday, next Friday and again the week after and The Sisters somewherre in there....

Good things always happen on my birthday. My 1st kiss with my adoring hubby three years before we got married: on my birthday! Proposed to: on my birthday! And my birthday during Spring Break is like a constant vacation in honor of my birthday. So in case you can not tell I am only slightly narcissistic enough to truly believe it is all about me! So here is to guilt-free cupcakes, a bottle of wine and a great day!  I love March!

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Anonymous said...

LOL!! only "slightly"??? =) Here's to a HAPPY MARCH!!!