Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"I tee-teed thru my pants."  This does not mean he tee-teed in his pants.  He actually wanted to see if he could shoot his pee thru his pants. 

"Mom I don't eat oranges.  Why did you not know that?"  Sorry kid it's hard to keep up with what you eat and don't eat each day.  Maybe you could make me a list each morning telling me what is in and what is out! 

During a discussion about Bradford and his daddy camping in the backyard, Bradford said, "Hey I could wear my bear costume (which is from halloween 2008 and about 3 inches too short) and then jump out of the tent and scare Daddy bc he will think there is a real bear in the backyard!" 

The all time favorite: "Mother, Father will you please call me son?"  This went on for a week with Bradford calling me Mother and Brandon Father.  It was quite entertaining and caused many confused looks at Target!  Guess it was better than his stage where he called me Rena for about a month.  So glad that is over.

Don't ever let 'em see you sweat!  Just go with the flow man!

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Unknown said...

How I miss him so! Son is growing up oh so fast!