Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tackle Tuesdays

Well here we are in a new month! And the clock is ticking away. Berkeley's Birthday is in less than a month. And I must admit: I have no idea what I am doing yet!!! YIKES! All I know is that my sister is coming home from Arizona for the summer and I am on cloud NINE right now.

As usual I could not come up with a good April Fools joke. It always scares me that it might come true if I pretend like that. And the emphasis being on joke, no one really plays a good, sweet, kind of April Fools. Wait I think that is because the emphasis is suppose to be on FOOL! Hmmm...That was a revelation! You know sometimes I think my life is the joke. Anyone else looking in would be dumbfounded at the craziness we live in, but I am proud of it! I love what we have, who we are, where we live and all the things we do together!

First Tuesday of the month is my opportunity to look at everything going on this month & make sure I have all my bases covered. (even though I usually don’t have them all covered, it makes me feel better to look) Why not Monday? Because Mondays by definition are busy and the boys are not in preschool on Mondays. So Tuesdays it is. We have a practice camping trip before the real one the 1st of May for Bradford and Brandon. Get our name in for Museum Camp this summer. This may actually be the #1 thing of the month and if it is the ONLY thing I accomplish I am fine with that! Oh, wait rewind to Berk's b-day party! 2 Things!!!! I have a conference in the middle of the month I am going to with some very lovely ladies. And then...well I know there is more...I just can't think of it all right now. Good thing I am using today to get organized...Oh I do have a very special trip to the Container Store coming up in my VERY NEAR future! So nothing earth shattering today...here's to little sisters, here's to babies growing up, and here's to my AMAZING life!