Sunday, February 28, 2010

gotta do it!

This month was way to short.  I have not blogged in 18 days.  I have celebrated a girlfriend's birthday, a husbands birthday twice, helped with a pre-school Valentine party, raced out of town ahead of a snowstorm as big as Texas, created an impromptu Valentine in the mountains for my boys, enjoyed a relaxing ski trip with the family, in bed with the flu, worked my real job, had my blog posted on Destiny In Bloom, and helped my cupcake girl Heather prepare for Baby Alexa coming in 3 days...So Maybe March will be slower--Who am I kidding?  Nanny's birthday is in 2 days, Alexa will be born the next day, Arts Council Board Meeting, then the Oscar Red Carpet Party to celebrate my other cupcake girlfriend's belated b-day, new client to start working on(YEAH!), M-I-L's bday, Spring Break, MY BIRTHDAY, TMR with friends, emcee for Nana Pudding and on and on....Oh please do not think I am complaining because far be it.  I am LOVIN' it. So here's to another Funtastic Month!  Celebrate life and friends...Love ya,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what day is it?

where am I? 
It's been one of those days.  Barely got showered.  Today was boot camp so skipping was NOT an option.  I did get dressed after that but never once picked up a hairbrush.  Toothbrush, yes!  Choosing to skip the clothing battle with my 4 year old I loaded him up for  Hobby Lobby/Target run wearing sleeveless at 39 degrees. 
So there I am in the Target parking lot after Hobby Lobby which I won't even begin to describe.....Rag-a-muffin mop of hair that I was sporting, no make-up, too cloudy to wear sunglasses to hide the sleepy eye bags, one child in plaid flannel paints that are a smidge too short but you can't tell with his little Uggs and a mismatched shirt, other child in a sleeveless pull-over argyle sweater--with his arms tucked inside since you know, he's COLD.  And I saw her...That mom that is ALWAYS so put together with all her children dressed to a tee.  Mind you they are all old enough to dress themselves and to understand what 30 degree temps are!  I so did not want to talk to her today, answer her questions about why my 4 year old was not wearing a coat.  Didn't I know there is a snow storm in the forecast tonight? I could feel her curious eyes observe my frazzled state and she had not even seen me yet.  I will admit I did it!  I took a detour thru the parking lot so I would completely miss her.  Although I am betting with my luck today she saw me AND is reading this.  That was my day today.  I am hoping bedtime makes it's appearance about 6:30!!  If I had the nerve I would take a pic of myself and post it for Wordless Wednesday and you all would understand without me having to even write this post.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Whee...Swinging thru life...

I LOVE when their little one word sentences start stringing together together. I love when they want you to hold them just for 1 second then they run off again...Everything about mommyhood rocks my world.  I love that my kids are the most adorable EVER and no one can tell me otherwise.  That's how it should be. 

I love their imagination and creativity.  I love that they absorb everything around them.  And I strive to make all of that innocent and sweet and right.  And I LOVE a child's honesty.  Love your day today...because I am loving mine!  Don't let it fly by too fast....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ham bone

HAM BONE: Always hamming it up!  My kids for sure. 

I have no enlighting story for you today.  No big adventures....Nothing earth shattering....But boy do I love my life!  Seriously, I am in the lead for the cutest boys EVER, I am certain.  And man oh man, I have an amazing husband.  Quite sweet actually.  Bradford orchestrated a family concert last night.  Dad played the guitar, Bradford played the bongos and sang.  He was very "Type A" with his organization of it all...who sat where, what you sat in, then he brought his nite lamp from his room to shine on himself and his Dad while they performed.  Can we say spotlight?  And yes the questioning has begun already...A new American Idol Season and "When do we get to go there and watch them sing Mom?"  I feel a trip in my near future...He has been asking to go to American Idol for almost 2 years now!  Berkeley was creating chaos everywhere he went during the concert, not wanting to sit where his big brother told him...hmmm I see other things in my future too....