Thursday, November 25, 2010

Top of Turkey Mountain

What are you thankful for?  Why of course family, friends, Jesus, the cross, health, stabilty...But what about the other side of the coin?  As I reflect on my life journey, I do not regret the poor decisions I have made, the heartache, the trials, the other side of the coin.  I am a whole, complete person that has traveled roads that I know were not designed for me in a perfect world but I live in this world.  A world of mistakes, pain and sin.  As a parent I want to save my children from anything painful.  Yet I know that through fire comes character, strength and faith.  I could not dream of a better life, better family, husband, children than I am blessed with today.  All this brings me back to being thankful for lessons learned, the heartache, the trails and the rocks in my road of life. I live by the motto: Put it in 4 Wheel drive and keep going!  See you at the top.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have nothing to say

Well how about that!  I have not had time to blog lately and I really miss it.  Here I am with both boys watching a movie, munching on carmel popcorn balls and I have time to blog....Yet I have no idea what I want to blog about....Do what??  Yep....

This may be one of my most random posts EVER. 

Today was the last day of T-Ball.  Glad for the break since today was so cold.  We will all miss it though.  I will miss wathcing Bradford learn more about the sport and seeing him get excited about something new.  Daddy will miss assistant coaching...I will miss watching him do that too...Berkeley will miss playing with Izzy.  Bradford will miss seeing his teammates and having quite the cheering section.  Everytime he was up to bat, he would turn around to make sure his entourage was watching.  When I say entourage I am referring to the two sets of grandparents and any various number of aunts.  It never failed that he always had more followers than any other team member.  It kind of reminded me of Dana who told her family they were only allowed to buy her children 1 gift for Christmas and Birthdays.  No showing up with box on top of box.  Good thing there is no such rule in t-ball:  No showing up with person on top of person to see you play.  What if it was like graduating from A&M and you could only invite 5 people from you whole life to see you graduate.  Heck I have more sisters than that!  Limits just don't run in our family.  Everything is always over the top, filled to the brim, good to the last drop, bring a friend and stay awhile...

We had a ball at Bradford's bowling party on Wed.  He had lots of great friends there to play and he was on cloud 9 all day.  I still can not believe he is 5.  It seems like yesterday we were getting up at the crack of dawn to head up to the hospital.  I remember how excited Daddy was to be a daddy.  He still amazes me daily what a fantastic father he is.  I mean I always knew he would be great but he actually far exceeds my expectations.  But then again he far exceeds my expectation of an amazing husband too. 

Berkeley is just about the cutest little two year old I know.  He just makes you smile the second you meet him.  I am thankful daily that God saw fit for Berk to join our family.  What a joy. 

Well that is the end of the voices in my head on the chilly, fall eveing...Enjoy the season of thanks and giving...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What stream do you live in?

I am proud to say I dont swim in the mainsream of life.  I march to my own wild caught Alaskan Salmon stream!  So when I read Mommypotamus today I had to laugh.  Outloud.  So yes I know many mainstreamers think I am crazy.  Even my own family thinks the same at times.  I don't mind.  Although some things I do believe in, I admit to not follow religiously because I am subject to fear at times on whether or not I may be wrong.  But this is my list of things that mainstreamers find funny/odd/crazy/etc... about me:

1. A neo-natal nurse shot cucumber soup out of her nose at my friend's baby shower when I admitted our babies slept with us!
2.  I do not believe in pacifiers past the newborn stage.  Everyone deserves to have their voice heard and express themselves--especially a crying baby! 
3. I avoid the pesticide/herbicide aisle at all stores...I actually hold my breath if I have to walk past one. 
4. I believe the best way to teach children to respect others is to treat them with respect not demand it from them.
5. I dont give my kids ANY caffinated drinks.  I am surprised daily at the sheer volume of people that disagree with this one.
6. On my oldest child's 1st birthday I was worried that too much icing on his first cake would give him a tummy ache since he had never had sugar!  I still hear complaints about that birthday cake....
7. I too plan vacations around making sure I can get to Sid's in Taos--a health food store.
8. All about extened breastfeeding.  Even used it to make babies cereal. Doesn't your cream of wheat taste better when made with milk instead of water? 
9. I know fish is great for you...but only fresh water fish.  I dont eat anything farm raised.  The thought of it creeps me out!
10. I dont eat veggies or fruit out of a can.  I dont freeze anythhing more than a couple days and never pork--freezing only slows the aging process.  It does not stop it.  (some things direct from the processor that are vaccumm packed are different)

I am really not so different in my own head...