Sunday, August 30, 2009


I took the boys to the Grand Re-Opening of The Owl's Nest Saturday. They had a blast. I enjoyed some interesting parent/child dynamics watching. In particular, one dad and his son who was about 2, really got me thinking. Yes, we as parents are totally responsible for these little human beings. But please do not mistake that to mean we are totally in control of our children. They are individuals with their own likes, dislikes, interests, talents and hobbies completely exclusive of us! My boys played with everything; the puppet curtain, the medieval castle, the rocking horse, the kitchen! The little 2 year old boy wanted to play with the kitchen too. His dad kept taking him away from the play kitchen, telling him to come play with the trucks, next time it was come play with balls, then come play with the horses. Anything to keep him from playing with the kitchen! Really? Nothing is going to happen to your 2 year old because he wants to play with a toy kitchen! I promise. He won't lose his 2 year old man card! Then he just about lost it when the little boy picked up a princess puppet! JUST LET THEM PLAY!!

So here are my TOP 8 Mommy Tips that are for Dads too!

1. It's OK if they wear their shoes on the wrong feet! At least they are putting them on themselves and it is one less thing you need to do to get out the door!!

2. Kids do not know the difference between gender specific toys! Only the parents do. Men are chefs, teachers and nurses. Women are doctors, engineers and truck drivers. And none of this was determined by the toys they played with at 2 years old! Good grief, look at me, I played with Spider Man and I turned out pretty prissy!

3. Kids really need to go to bed BEFORE their parents. Mommy and Daddy need quiet time!! PLEASE

4. Proper nutrient and naps cure almost ALL bad behavior! (a sugar laden cereal bar and a 15 min nap in the car do not suffice)

5. Teach your 1 year old to put his clothes in the hamper. Have it accessible and they will think it is fun! And they will continue to do it when they are 3, 4, 12.....And you wont be hollering, "put your clothes in the hamper...."

6. It is OK to day "NO" to your child!

7. Teach your sons to wipe the rim of the toilet, close the lid, and flush from the very beginning! Then wash hands of course.

8. Let your babies feed themselves as soon as they show an interest in it. Don't worry you can always bathe them again.

Well that's all I have for you. I thought I would make it to 10 but we are going to go with 8! Sounds like a great number to me. And you all may already know all this anyway. I am the late bloomer....

Friday, August 28, 2009

We miss Miss Kara

Miss Kara came into our lives as such a sweet burst of fresh air! She loved our boys as much as possible without actually being their mommy I think. She played, danced and sang, read, painted and built towers. She conquered naptime in no time! They LOVE her! We love her. She is now off starting down that infamous path known as College. In California no less, to study Broadcast Journalism. And some day we figure she will be doing the news on CNN and the boys will tell their buddies "She was my nanny!" So we are through shedding our tears and Bradford has not mentioned for the last couple days, "I really really miss Miss Kara." We are looking forward to her coming home for Thanksgiving.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Berkeley with Attitude

He is growing up more every day! He takes toys from his brother and runs away, looking over his shoulder to see if Bradford is chasing him. Then he just laughs and laughs. I love that sound. Being the oldest, I know that feeling Bradford has "Awh Man, not again" then "Mom, Berkeley keeps taking my Legos, trains, puzzle pieces, etc....." He is talking non-stop now. Everyday is a new word. I love this phase. He has no idea what potty training is at this age but he see his brother in the bathroom so he wants to join. He wants to sit on the toilet. So I set him up there and he just grins then wants down to run off and play! Bradford has always been on the go from the day he was born. Busy, busy. Berkeley likes to come and sit in my lap and lay his head on my shoulder. Just out of the blue he will stop what he is doing to snuggle with me. Bradford will stop for a quick kiss or hug and he is on the go. I rocked Berk the other night in his room before bed. He just laid there on my chest so still while I sang quietly to him. We could have stayed there all night. I love that feeling. I know it won't be long when he is so busy that he wont want me to rock him anymore. So right now I am loving it all up as much as I can!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Project Vacation...

We have thought of every place you can think of...quick weekend in Mexico, drive to Memphis for a longer weekend, just stay in Dallas at the Ritz, Hawaii(where I was gong to lump it with a real estate conference--not really fair to Brandon I decided), now we are planning a 7 day trip through the Northeast to see the leaves. Just finished booking everything... I feel my heart race, slightly palpitating, little beads of sweat(and I don't really sweat much) on my forehead...Focus on breathing. Panic attack you ask? Maybe. Just the thought of going away and leaving the boys for a WHOLE WEEK! Control Freak? Maybe.

Bradford's first night away from both of us happened on Brandon's watch when Bradford was 26 months. I was in Islamorada for a conference, having a great time. 6 months preggers with Berkeley, hanging out at the pool in a bikini! Love the looks you get. Somewhere between OMG!! and WOW! The OMG looks mostly came from the senior citizen water aerobics class going on at this swanky resort in the pool I decided to use for my pregnancy sunbathing "me time". Later I head into the room to get ready for dinner. Call home to chat with Brandon and Bradford, only to find out Brandon had sent my baby off on his own into the world to brave bedtime without us! "Rena when the new baby gets here you are going to need some help sometime. So why not let Bradford get used to staying the night somewhere else now." I can not believe he waited for me to leave town and did it without me! "Otherwise it NEVER would have happened"! And he was so right. I seriously thought I could do it all! I did not need help. I had it under control. Hum there's that work again!

Fast forward 18 months later and we are trying to get away on a trip ALONE. Who knew it would be so hard. We started out at the beginning of the summer planning. Here we are at the End of Summer, planning a trip for the fall. Our FIRST trip away alone since Bradford was born Nov 2005!! At least we have made progress this summer. Berk was 13 months when he spent his first night away from home. He has already gone from a one night sleep over to a two nighter! And Bradford has stayed away 3 days straight. He keeps telling me he is ready to stay the night for 4 nights! Now don't get me wrong, the boys have loving, totally capable grandparents. And the boys love going to their house. But this MOM suffers from SEPARATION ANXIETY! Seriously!!

But nothing like going cold turkey. Withdrawal? I am sure there will be some. But at least I will have my sweet hubby for cuddle time! And he is looking forward to not sharing Momma for a week....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Details and Dragonflies

Everyone asks, "Where did you find that?" Well girls here it is. One of my deepest darkest secret shopping spots!! Details and Dragonflies Warehouse Sale, the Worth Waiting for event of the Summer. And what a place to shop. Everything in there is A-MAZING! And quite a deal on prices. Let me tell you. Last Summer, there was an awesome distressed leather sofa for $1,500.00 that ran for no less than $3,500 anywhere else. But not looking for something that high on the price scale? Hand Painted canvas pillows $27.50! Clearance Items are 40% off the first weekend and 50% off the second weekend! Christmas is around the corner....Start shopping now...You have to see it to believe everything in there and the prices, well you wont believe those even when you see them...

Please come by and see our new finds at the
August Warehouse Sale
it is just around the corner....

2221 West Broadway
Fort Worth, TX 76102

August 20th, 21st, 22nd
And again the following weekend
August 27th, 28th & 29th
Thursday - Saturday
10:00 - 5:00 daily

Saturday, August 8, 2009

All dogs go to heaven

"Mommy, I really really want Brandi to come back from Heaven." Bradford said the other day. Thus began a journey down memory lane...I was never much of a dog fan prior to meeting Brandi and Brandon. Over 13 ago when we met, Brandon had this amazing dog that never really liked his other "girl" friends. Mike can attest to this! But she warmed up to me right off the bat, and I to her. I think I fell in love with that dog before I did Brandon. She was our party entertainment after we got married. Before we could afford much furniture she would race round and round the front living and dining rooms making everyone laugh! Heather used to do anything she could to get Brandi going! She was the life of the party. I think I liked her so much because she was so much like a cat. She was well groomed, did not bark, did not smell like your typical big dog smell and did not drool! So after 14 years, last fall she went to Heaven. I knew Bradford did not really get it because he has said "When Poppy (the new dog--will talk about her later) goes to Heaven I want to get a ZEBRA!" And on Thursday, Bran was at a meeting and Bradford asked where dad was, did he go to Heaven? And he wants Brandi to come out of the computer and play with him.

In Comes Poppy, our replacement, about two weeks later. She is still growing on me ten months later. She falls into all the reasons why I used to not like dogs. BARKING, shedding, needs lots of baths...We rescued her from a Foster Home for Border Collies. She is 4 and well trained. She is very gentle with the boys. But she still is not Brandi. I hate to admit it but I am with Bradford and wish Brandi could come back from Heaven. I suggested we get another Basenji but Brandi was Brandon's second Basenji so I think he wanted to try out another breed. He loves Poppy to death and so do the boys. I know that we won't be getting a ZEBRA when Poppy goes to Heaven. But maybe another Basenji?? Just hope Bradford does not start asking for Paw-Paw to come back from Heaven....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rebekah Denice

That's my sister! Rebekah Denice. She has arrived in Tucson, her new home for the next two years. She spent all day today unpacking and getting organized. We already miss her. Brandon lovingly told her last night she will be home in time to see Bradford start Kindergarten in 2011! I think that caused a tear or two. While we miss her immencely, our pride for her clearly wins! She will have her degree in Biology when she finishes there. I asked her what she would do next with that, business and Spanish? Med School? Her response: We shall see...Career Student I say. That's OK. I know my boys will not know what to do when Bek-Bek isn't over here all the time any more, at least I have 4 other sisters who will have to fill in the gap for now. I think I may miss her even more than the boys...Love ya baby sis!