Saturday, August 8, 2009

All dogs go to heaven

"Mommy, I really really want Brandi to come back from Heaven." Bradford said the other day. Thus began a journey down memory lane...I was never much of a dog fan prior to meeting Brandi and Brandon. Over 13 ago when we met, Brandon had this amazing dog that never really liked his other "girl" friends. Mike can attest to this! But she warmed up to me right off the bat, and I to her. I think I fell in love with that dog before I did Brandon. She was our party entertainment after we got married. Before we could afford much furniture she would race round and round the front living and dining rooms making everyone laugh! Heather used to do anything she could to get Brandi going! She was the life of the party. I think I liked her so much because she was so much like a cat. She was well groomed, did not bark, did not smell like your typical big dog smell and did not drool! So after 14 years, last fall she went to Heaven. I knew Bradford did not really get it because he has said "When Poppy (the new dog--will talk about her later) goes to Heaven I want to get a ZEBRA!" And on Thursday, Bran was at a meeting and Bradford asked where dad was, did he go to Heaven? And he wants Brandi to come out of the computer and play with him.

In Comes Poppy, our replacement, about two weeks later. She is still growing on me ten months later. She falls into all the reasons why I used to not like dogs. BARKING, shedding, needs lots of baths...We rescued her from a Foster Home for Border Collies. She is 4 and well trained. She is very gentle with the boys. But she still is not Brandi. I hate to admit it but I am with Bradford and wish Brandi could come back from Heaven. I suggested we get another Basenji but Brandi was Brandon's second Basenji so I think he wanted to try out another breed. He loves Poppy to death and so do the boys. I know that we won't be getting a ZEBRA when Poppy goes to Heaven. But maybe another Basenji?? Just hope Bradford does not start asking for Paw-Paw to come back from Heaven....

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