Sunday, August 23, 2009

Berkeley with Attitude

He is growing up more every day! He takes toys from his brother and runs away, looking over his shoulder to see if Bradford is chasing him. Then he just laughs and laughs. I love that sound. Being the oldest, I know that feeling Bradford has "Awh Man, not again" then "Mom, Berkeley keeps taking my Legos, trains, puzzle pieces, etc....." He is talking non-stop now. Everyday is a new word. I love this phase. He has no idea what potty training is at this age but he see his brother in the bathroom so he wants to join. He wants to sit on the toilet. So I set him up there and he just grins then wants down to run off and play! Bradford has always been on the go from the day he was born. Busy, busy. Berkeley likes to come and sit in my lap and lay his head on my shoulder. Just out of the blue he will stop what he is doing to snuggle with me. Bradford will stop for a quick kiss or hug and he is on the go. I rocked Berk the other night in his room before bed. He just laid there on my chest so still while I sang quietly to him. We could have stayed there all night. I love that feeling. I know it won't be long when he is so busy that he wont want me to rock him anymore. So right now I am loving it all up as much as I can!


Unknown said...

This actually made me cry-I miss my boys so much!

Rena said...

Luv ya girl!