Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rebekah Denice

That's my sister! Rebekah Denice. She has arrived in Tucson, her new home for the next two years. She spent all day today unpacking and getting organized. We already miss her. Brandon lovingly told her last night she will be home in time to see Bradford start Kindergarten in 2011! I think that caused a tear or two. While we miss her immencely, our pride for her clearly wins! She will have her degree in Biology when she finishes there. I asked her what she would do next with that, business and Spanish? Med School? Her response: We shall see...Career Student I say. That's OK. I know my boys will not know what to do when Bek-Bek isn't over here all the time any more, at least I have 4 other sisters who will have to fill in the gap for now. I think I may miss her even more than the boys...Love ya baby sis!

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