Monday, July 27, 2009


Fallen Petals have turned into a pretty Pink Hanger. A hot pink hangar at that! Not Haute but definitely HOT....Some great shoes, cute T-shirts to wear with your favorite jeans and accessories galore. Owned by Ashley Boatwright, not sure if she is related or married to the Boatwrights we all know, everything in the store in on a Pink Hanger. She is located in the Village at Colleyville. It is a very laid back and relaxed feeling with still a hint of Perfect Petals gone by. If you are in need of a fun outfit with shoes you won't see on every other gal at burgers and bock night, you have found your store. She also sells home furnishings but I did not venture into the back half of the store. I only went as far as the shoes and fitting room....

Station House, an all time classic, has taken over RSVP also at the Village. If you did not know any different you may not notice the changes except that it is more open feeling. The extensive selection is easier to see here than their old location.

Speaking of invitations and other paper goods, my heart stopped for a few seconds when my sister called me from in front of Penny Lane saying they were closed! Fear Not! They just relocated North less than a mile. Thank goodness. No, not open yet but it should not be much longer. You can always find great gifts here. This is where I found the Ice Cream Cone shaped invitations I sent out at Berkeley's Ice Cream Social for his 1st birthday. They also have some of the best baby gifts without having to hit Neiman's for a Swankie Blankie! Now let's go stimulate some economy gals!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SLOW DOWN and Let's Shop

I felt it coming Tuesday...slowww moving, head kind of echoed, throat hurt when I swallowed. By that night I ached all over. Brandon took the boys to his parents Wedensday to play so I could rest. I felt bed sores coming on I slept so much. Yet I think another nap is in the near future. The boys dont really understand the "Mommy's Sick, let her sleep" routine yet. They want my attention anyway. And why shouldn't they? That is how it is! They stayed at Boss and Bebe's until Friday. Everyone was ready to be home as much as I wanted them to be home. First time I have been sick in a year, so when it hits it hits HARD! I guess if you dont slow down, your body makes you.

Well my new favorite website to surf is With a husband that has a hard drive full of amazing photos, I am lookng forward to getting on there and playing. Another FAV item is a blog my friend Amy has. She owned Perfect Petal in Colleyville and now has branched into on-line selling. She has that one AMAZING gift you need for a special girlfriend. Check her out:

I am not your typical mall shopper! And YES, I have started Christmas shopping already. I spend all year looking for that special something and Amy has some great ones. I have read a lot about lately too. But I have not yet stay posted. Best advice I have for early shopping: Post-it note it and keep a running list of who you have to buy for and what you have already bought. Then update this all year long...Happy Shopping...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tin Can Gypsies

What in the world are Tin Can Gypsies? Well when I started this blog, I named it bma2rda because my husband and son had the initials of bma, 2 of them and then me: rda. We are now bma3, with our younger son. Rather than change the 2 to a 3, I decided to go another route all together. Brandon and I have had 2 Airstream Trailers we took camping with some friends of ours. We all affectionately called our Airstreams "Toasters" since they reseamble an old-fashioned toaster. One couple has a pop-up that has been nicknamed the "poptart"--to go along with the Toasters...Anyway, when we were traveleing in our caravan on a trip to East Texas one time, my husband said we looked like Tin Can Gypsies going down the road...We should make some t-shirts...hence the name...We are currently Toaster-less but in the market for one that will hold a pack-n-play comfortably!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dont you make my brown eyes blue!

Who's Who?

Fnding Free Time again and a Password

Well, this has been a long long time coming. Between having another baby and forgetting my log-in and password(due to mommy mush-brain), my blogging has been severely hampered!! Here we are two years after starting this blog, having inspired several of my girlfriends to start one, trying to condense what all has transpired for our family. Short and Sweet. We are now BMA3. Berkeley Murrell was born May 1, 2008. He is a doll--just as amazing as his big brother, Bradford Max(3 1/2 yrs old)! Pics to come...Brandon's Real Estate Business has been doing very well. In spite of the "economy" he is closing deals. That ROCKS! Commercial Real Estate is starting to slow down, lending to my little free time.