Monday, July 20, 2009

Tin Can Gypsies

What in the world are Tin Can Gypsies? Well when I started this blog, I named it bma2rda because my husband and son had the initials of bma, 2 of them and then me: rda. We are now bma3, with our younger son. Rather than change the 2 to a 3, I decided to go another route all together. Brandon and I have had 2 Airstream Trailers we took camping with some friends of ours. We all affectionately called our Airstreams "Toasters" since they reseamble an old-fashioned toaster. One couple has a pop-up that has been nicknamed the "poptart"--to go along with the Toasters...Anyway, when we were traveleing in our caravan on a trip to East Texas one time, my husband said we looked like Tin Can Gypsies going down the road...We should make some t-shirts...hence the name...We are currently Toaster-less but in the market for one that will hold a pack-n-play comfortably!

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