Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SLOW DOWN and Let's Shop

I felt it coming Tuesday...slowww moving, head kind of echoed, throat hurt when I swallowed. By that night I ached all over. Brandon took the boys to his parents Wedensday to play so I could rest. I felt bed sores coming on I slept so much. Yet I think another nap is in the near future. The boys dont really understand the "Mommy's Sick, let her sleep" routine yet. They want my attention anyway. And why shouldn't they? That is how it is! They stayed at Boss and Bebe's until Friday. Everyone was ready to be home as much as I wanted them to be home. First time I have been sick in a year, so when it hits it hits HARD! I guess if you dont slow down, your body makes you.

Well my new favorite website to surf is With a husband that has a hard drive full of amazing photos, I am lookng forward to getting on there and playing. Another FAV item is a blog my friend Amy has. She owned Perfect Petal in Colleyville and now has branched into on-line selling. She has that one AMAZING gift you need for a special girlfriend. Check her out:

I am not your typical mall shopper! And YES, I have started Christmas shopping already. I spend all year looking for that special something and Amy has some great ones. I have read a lot about lately too. But I have not yet stay posted. Best advice I have for early shopping: Post-it note it and keep a running list of who you have to buy for and what you have already bought. Then update this all year long...Happy Shopping...

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