Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fnding Free Time again and a Password

Well, this has been a long long time coming. Between having another baby and forgetting my log-in and password(due to mommy mush-brain), my blogging has been severely hampered!! Here we are two years after starting this blog, having inspired several of my girlfriends to start one, trying to condense what all has transpired for our family. Short and Sweet. We are now BMA3. Berkeley Murrell was born May 1, 2008. He is a doll--just as amazing as his big brother, Bradford Max(3 1/2 yrs old)! Pics to come...Brandon's Real Estate Business has been doing very well. In spite of the "economy" he is closing deals. That ROCKS! Commercial Real Estate is starting to slow down, lending to my little free time.


Rena said...

that should be free time!! We need a new keyboard thanks to water incident and so my letter I doesnt work well! :)

Anonymous said...

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