Monday, February 1, 2010

Ham bone

HAM BONE: Always hamming it up!  My kids for sure. 

I have no enlighting story for you today.  No big adventures....Nothing earth shattering....But boy do I love my life!  Seriously, I am in the lead for the cutest boys EVER, I am certain.  And man oh man, I have an amazing husband.  Quite sweet actually.  Bradford orchestrated a family concert last night.  Dad played the guitar, Bradford played the bongos and sang.  He was very "Type A" with his organization of it all...who sat where, what you sat in, then he brought his nite lamp from his room to shine on himself and his Dad while they performed.  Can we say spotlight?  And yes the questioning has begun already...A new American Idol Season and "When do we get to go there and watch them sing Mom?"  I feel a trip in my near future...He has been asking to go to American Idol for almost 2 years now!  Berkeley was creating chaos everywhere he went during the concert, not wanting to sit where his big brother told him...hmmm I see other things in my future too....

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