Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what day is it?

where am I? 
It's been one of those days.  Barely got showered.  Today was boot camp so skipping was NOT an option.  I did get dressed after that but never once picked up a hairbrush.  Toothbrush, yes!  Choosing to skip the clothing battle with my 4 year old I loaded him up for  Hobby Lobby/Target run wearing sleeveless at 39 degrees. 
So there I am in the Target parking lot after Hobby Lobby which I won't even begin to describe.....Rag-a-muffin mop of hair that I was sporting, no make-up, too cloudy to wear sunglasses to hide the sleepy eye bags, one child in plaid flannel paints that are a smidge too short but you can't tell with his little Uggs and a mismatched shirt, other child in a sleeveless pull-over argyle sweater--with his arms tucked inside since you know, he's COLD.  And I saw her...That mom that is ALWAYS so put together with all her children dressed to a tee.  Mind you they are all old enough to dress themselves and to understand what 30 degree temps are!  I so did not want to talk to her today, answer her questions about why my 4 year old was not wearing a coat.  Didn't I know there is a snow storm in the forecast tonight? I could feel her curious eyes observe my frazzled state and she had not even seen me yet.  I will admit I did it!  I took a detour thru the parking lot so I would completely miss her.  Although I am betting with my luck today she saw me AND is reading this.  That was my day today.  I am hoping bedtime makes it's appearance about 6:30!!  If I had the nerve I would take a pic of myself and post it for Wordless Wednesday and you all would understand without me having to even write this post.....

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Unknown said...

Absolutely hilarious! I could picture the whole scene perfectly and it make me laugh out loud! Love you!!!