Monday, April 26, 2010

Showing the world your undies!

I am so honored and excited!!  I was nominated for an Honest Blog award by Amber with Beyond Postpartum!  She has an amazing blog shedding light into some very dark places for those with Postpartum.  So I thought I would risk some exposure here, since I am usually so modest (ha), and answer back with my own list of 10 Random Things about me!! 

1. I am a crazy list maker and if I do something NOT on my list, I add it to my list JUST so I can scratch it off! 
2.  My favorite color is RED.  I like pink and I can be sweet and cute.  But I LOVE RED and all the sassiness that comes with it!
3.  I actually have to suppress the urge to shutter when people blow out the candles on their brthday cake.  All I think of s everyone else now eating that cake you just blew your spit all over.  Hence the cupcakes I serve at my kids b-day parties...they only blow on their own cake!!
4.  Before I had postpartum depression I didn't even know how to spell it, nor that it was only 1 word!
5.  I am addicted to Target!  I think they dump some kind of gas into the HVAC system so that you get high in there to the point you have to and get a weekly FIX or you will go into withdrawl.
6.  I love cheese.  on anything.  as a meal all by itself.  on everything.
7.  My dirty little secret that has been only recently exposed is I HATE coffee.  So much so even the smell made me sick when preggers with my youngest.  My adorable hubby took his high dollar fancy schmancy grinder maker pot to the garage to make his coffee in an attempt to help my constant vomitting...It's still there....
8.  I have given up Diet Dr Pepper AGAIN...
9.  My biggest fear is falling (which is not uncommon for me) and showing everyone what is under my skirt! 
10. If I could come back and start my life over there is really not much I would change except to be nicer to a couple people.

And I am not spell checking this post today bc for some reason spellck is gone from my page!  So enjoy this errors and all.

So I wanted to pass along the following as Nominated for Truely Great Honest Blogs!!  Check out these amazing ladies and read what they have to say...

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