Monday, May 3, 2010

I HATE Shots

Yes, I do get my kids immunized.  So get that out of the way...Debate amonst yourselves!
Let me tell you my least favorite part is when they are so so so so fussy the rest of the day.  It is hard to not get worn out by it, yet  I know he has to feel worse than I can understand.  That helps me dig deep on the patience.  But man oh man, is it going to end anytime tonight?  I have been in his rom to love on him three times so far....we shall see how long this takes...

So that is always the harsh end to a great weekend of festive birthdayness!  The dreaded shots.  Bradford gave him a pep talk going in to the pedis office.  He credited the fact that Berk didn't even cry when he got it to his talking to Berk about it all. 

I had a full weekend of "All Berkeley" just for me.  It kind of felt like it was my birthday.  Brandon and Bradford spent the whole weekend camping out near PK with all the Compass Crew.  They had a great time.  Brandon was reminded of a dear friends words to hug your kids now and enjoy these times bc when they hit about 9-10 they dont want to hang out with Dad anymore.  By the end of the trip Bradford actually told Brandon he had replaced me as Bradfor's favorite person ever! 

All in all, May Day brought lots of good things to th Arnold house.  And one whiney, fussy, now 2 year old has finally gone to sleep!  And a goodnght to you, too.