Monday, May 10, 2010

It's all in the ball

Golf is such a lovely sport--they say. I don't play, much to my Man's dismay. I mean we are talking about a family that has played the game for multiple generations. A grandfather that was truly a Pro, ran the country club, a father that has played courses in countries I have yet to visit and an uncle that plays 6 days a week all yield to much golfing in the genes at my house!

There are golf balls hiding in the yard, under the bed, in the ball tote, the toy box, the bath tub, under the couch, just about everywhere! Golf balls from St Andrews, Jamaica, Polo Ralph Lauren....

Things I have learned about golf balls

1. When they are put into the tailpipe of an Acura TL they shoot right out when the car is started

2. If they don’t shoot out you can park on a hill with the rear of the car angled down hill and they will roll out

3. They cause major plumbing issues when flushed down the toilet

4. Number 3 makes for a very frustrated Daddy

5. The lawn mower can scalp a golf ball pretty well

6. They will drive a daddy crazy when you drop them inside the little square holes on the side tails of a truck

7. They also drive a daddy crazy when they are inside the wheel well of a truck

8. They float in a sink full of soapy green Kando water

9. They are not good on the Kitchen Garbage Disposal

10. Even when you hide them in your secret pouch on your golf bag someone under the age of 5 will find them!
Dear Daddy,
I thought I should tell you a few things...Actually they like everything hiding in your golf bag regardless that you gave them your old bag full of clubs. And I do throw away all those golf tees I find around the house. Because you CAN have too many. But they haven’t found your Scotty Cameron hiding place yet. Promise, I'm not telling them! Love, Mommy

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