Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coming out with my hands up!

I'm surrounded by clothes as I sit on the floor of my youngest son's room.  All so cute, so yummy!! Full of memories and fun times. I'm the mom that dresses my babies in smocking, embroidered bubble suits and footie’s, and in baby blue sear sucker. Many of my friends with boys say "I love that outfit but Oh, my husband would die if I dressed my son in that!" and they wag around their babies dressed like frat daddies! (No offense here girls!)  I only have about a year and then my own husband draws the line by age 3!  No more monogramming on the front! I'm trying to pack up all this sweetness in a Rubbermaid tote and it's killing me!
So I'm taking a break and blogging. What would you do?
First, I went thru it all and pulled out things I knew were too small then
some things like the white linen sailor romper I put back saying I bet
he can wear that one more time! And let's not forget the adorable
plaid suit that was really too short but when he wore his Ugg boots
with it you could not tell....or so I told myself until my 4 yr old told me his brother's pants were too short!
So I decided to go see what gems were stored in the attic saved from
big brother. With the contents of 2 1/2 totes I am now prepared to
pack away even more than I was when I started this adventure!! But
NEWS FLASH: my almost 2 year old has 12 pair of pjs so if you were
thinking of buying him some please DONT! Thnx. (PS this is after getting rid of all the 18-24 months and only keeping the 2T) So now that I'm ready to pack some more baby stuff away, how do I finally make myself get it out if the house all together??? That will be for another day all together...Great, Brandon just washed 2 more pair of jammies…We are up to 14!!

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