Sunday, March 14, 2010

Open letter to the Mom at the Park

Dear Mom at the Park,
I wonder at times why I am the only mom actually IN the sandbox while you are playing with your iPhone way over there on the bench.  Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone too.  But why am I carrying on a conversation with your child that you are completley oblivious to?   Why do you not bring your own sandbox toys to the park with the BIGGEST sand box in the county?  Honestly, we do not mind sharing our toys--My 4 year old told you that like 3-4 times!   If you are going to have a fit, yelling at your 3 year old over and over to put our toys down, then
A) Bring your own toys
B) Don't drop your kid off in the sand box! 
And please explain to me why your child can not play with our sand toys?  I assure you I stay home when my children have the plague.  Half the time you are yelling at them to share, so when another child is willing to share, you yell for them to not play with what is being shared with them.  Really, in case you dont know, sitting in a sandbox watching other kids play with dump trucks, shovels and other things while you play on your phone is quite boring for your child.  You might as well stay at home.  At least there he could learn his ABC's via Big Bird or something... 

The Mom IN the sandbox
(the lady that your child is covering with sand)


Anonymous said...

Very nicely said! =)

Unknown said...

Ouch! I felt the heat on that one. What a blessing it is for my nephews to have a mom who wants to be a mom.