Friday, January 28, 2011

So long farewell...

Well color me a New Year!  Before my oldest child was born, my husband and I, living in a four bedroom house had two guet rooms.  And yes we did actualy use them!  Mostly after parties....or our friends with kids when they would come thru town.  So when deciding which room to convert to a nursery "My Room" was the one that went by the wayside.  My beautiful white room with the antique wrought iron bed (that is still leaning against the wall in the garage) with the flower ribbon hand painted around the top 1/3 of the walls.  The guest room my husband claimed still stands with the denim duvet, leather cornice board above the windows, his cowboy boots leaning against the wall and his bazillion dollar saddle that CANNOT be stored in the garage with said bed.   The chocolate brown walls and blue ceiling actualy look better than they may sound.  But there comes a time when all things change baby!  So here is my color inspiration...taken from Habitually Chic Color My World Blog that I love to dearly! 

Jamie Drake

David Hicks, 1954

Gucci Spring Summer 2011


David Cafiero via Lonny magazine

Kelly Wearstler

This last one is my FAV!!  So in case you were wondering what is in store for Spring this year...COLOR BABY!!  Just you wait to see what I do next....And what is leaning against my garage wall....

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Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I LOVE all of these colors!!

Oh, and I responded about your sock question- they are by Sourpuss- I got them from Urban Baby Runway.