Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a GIRL!


Or at least it is going to be in March. And NO I am not talking about me! I am talking about my dear sweet Heather Lou. This is the girl who said since high school she was going to Vegas to get married. Then she, the last of the girls to get married, had an over the top wedding. Food to die for, beautiful princess gown just all round beautiful!
This is also the girl who did not think she would ever have kids because she did not think she was motherly! So of course we all know she will also be an over-the-top, amazing mom!

The best secret in the world for me to keep from that day in August, was about this sweet baby girl! I picked the restaurant because girlfriend intuition had given me a feeling. Mi Cocina is where I told another good friend of mine I was pregnant with Berkeley. So on a whim it seemed like the right restaurant.

And I, the mother of two adorable dirt loving, rock throwing, stick waving, frog hunting BOYS, get to throw the best over the top GIRL baby shower. Even if there is no pink! Help from two of my favorite websites will be key to making this the biggest success! and of course
PS: Photos are straight from Hostess With The Mostess.

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