Sunday, October 25, 2009

We did it and we'll do it again

Well after 4 years, lots of encouraging, months of planning, 1/2 an anxiety attack--maybe a full one, many tears later, we, my sweet adorable, loving husband and I went on a trip. ALONE. No kids. No dog. Nothing but ourselves. We remembered why we took almost 7 years to have kids. We like each other. We have fun together. We love traveling. We talk. A lot. NO interruptions. We laugh so much together. Traveling is our thing! We just forgot about it over the last few years.
So new page in life: We are now the parents that can leave our boys and go away and come home refreshed and ready for life again. Who knew this was a great way to refuel your energy? Oh I guess all those other parents that do it ALL THE TIME. So while we were late to the party, this is one we will not miss for years to come.
We had the most amazing time. I would rank it up there with honeymoon in Hawaii and Valentine's in Paris! It was an all around amazing trip. The Northeast has wonderful food to offer and we tried it all. Lobster is my new all time FAV food. I knew I liked it before but having it there does not compare to anything Texas has to offer. Sorry Trulucks! I found some new cities to add to my fun list. Portland is almost as weird as Austin--in the good way. Food was so fresh, everything was organic and an Irish Pub in the middle. Who doesn't like that? Portsmouth was better shopping than, I dare say, Chicago! I could do that again. In a second. Conway, NH and Jackson NH are two ski towns on the list to take the boys to when they are older! And Harvard is just as prestigious as you would imagine.

So for my fellow separation anxious mom's out there, you can do it. I now understand why my friends said your kids will be better for it! And YES, we are already planning where to go next. Any ideas???

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