Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Sanity

7 Weeks and counting....

How many of you stress about spending time with family during the holidays? (I can get that.) How many of stress about the gift giving, the "having" to shop for "just the right thing"? (I don't get that :)) How many of you stress about how much money you spend during the holidays? (Everyone gets that!!) How about keeping it positive this year. How about some Christmas Sanity with that Cheer!!


Well start with remembering to:

1. Take a deep breathe and let it all out slowly! Find the joy in giving, leave the stress behind.

2. Make a list of who you have to buy for. Slim it down to the closest ones and make it personal!

3. Set a dollar amount you can live with! Get something that makes someone smile.

4. Be realistic about your time commitments. Make it about quality time this year, not quantity!

5. Remember that Christmas is about family. Cherish your time with those closest to you!
Attitude! That's what it is, so have the right one. Enjoy

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SmithFamily said...

I have officially started. Two down, too many to go.