Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome to motherhood

4th Birthday

3rd Birthday

2nd Birthday

1st Birthday


Bradford, Brandon's grandmother's maiden name.

Max, my Father-in-law's middle name.

Bradford Max, my first born son.

He amazes me everyday!

Everyone gave us a hard time for not finding out what we were having. Then we kept our baby names a secret. The whole pregnancy was all about me. Brandon doted over me, took such wonderful care of me. It was the best pregnancy ever. He was the perfect husband and daddy-to-be. I LOVE surprises. We both do. And I also wanted Brandon to have that one moment where he could be the one to announce to everyone what we had. After 9 months, it was all about Brandon and what he was announcing. He was so excited about that! Watching this video makes me smile every time! As far as the baby's name, I think pregnant women should reserve the right to change their mind all the way to the last second! So don't monogram anything for me until the baby is here, in case I change my mind on the name. Like I did with Berkeley....while pushing, I switched to my beloved Berkeley...but that is a post for another time...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADFORD MAX ARNOLD! You have made me a mommy!


Des said...

I love that video! I smiled the whole time! :-)

Connie said...

Happy Birthday Bradford!

Love that name....

Unknown said...

It is so strange to see those photos one right after the other..he is growing up so fast! Just watching the video I felt all the same excitement and expectation that surrounded us the day he entered this world. Great things are in store for you Bradford Max!