Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School is cool

Well New Year means new theme. Not that I know what last year’s theme was. I don't know what last year was from any angle. A blur maybe. Berkeley started pre-school yesterday. Only 2 days a week but enough to give him something social. Bradford was a year older before he started actual pre-school but he also had a schedule full of TCU music classes, swim lessons and My Gym. Compass Pre-school gives Berk all that in one place. Because driving around for all that and Bradford to school is a bit much for me right now.

Berk has reached his mommy attachment phase lately. To the point that I actually pulled out the Baby Bjorn the other day for him to get in while I vacuumed! I had loaned out my Hotsling so he was pretty strapped in tight. So tough time for us to start school. He was sad. All my friends tell me they get better. But compared to Bradford who walked into class and never looked back and still rarely even says bye before he is in class playing, this is a major adjustment. I had Brandon pick him up early so he could nap at home which was a good move I think. We will do the same thing on Thursday then try for all day next week.

So this year I think I have decided to make The Year of Organization! So here's to trying...

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Connie said...

How fun! I'd love to get my kids into preschool but they are so expensive around here.