Monday, January 4, 2010

The year of the PROJECT

1999 the year of the yard!

2000 the year of us!

2001 the year of the guest bath

2002 the year of the family room and stained concrete floors!

2003 the year of hard wood

2004 the year of paint indoors and out

2005 the year of the baby

2006 the year of the kitchen remodel

2007 the year of just spending money aimlessly

2008 the year of the new baby and the Master Bath!

2009 the year of chaos

And now for 2010? The year of change! Ditching the red walls in the family room, no more Green Hall, leaving the Bermuda for St Augustine, new lighting and the list goes on...
Personally, this is the year for me to tip-toe out of my shell. Who am I kidding? More like tear the door open and race down the street. I am making more time for each of my boys ONE-ON-ONE, making girlfriend time a higher priority than the past few years and I WILL STRIVE TO COMPLETE WHAT I STARTED IN 2009!

Motherhood has truly taken more time than I anticipated. In my easy-breezy, pre-children style thinking; motherhood would be one more thing that fit right into all my "To-Do's". I did not expect that this girl who historically had time for everyone could ever hit overload. And when I did my girlfriend time was the first to go. I figured they all knew I loved them and they understood life takes more time than someone put on a TIMEX. (or Omega or...)

So here I am doing the dance of balance and back-burnering something else. (Watching my 4 year old vacuum with the little hand vac and having a ball doing it!) But girlfriends here we come. Watch out 2010!

Make no mistake, I always make time for my baby sisters!


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