Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lying, Babies and Fireworks

Bradford learned about not lying at Vacation Bible School a few weeks ago.  He is pretty much an honest kid so it was something that we had not really focused much on to date.  But now we are going to have to get a little deeper into it.  If you say something like, "I'm going to get you" when you are about to tickle him he asks, "Are you lying?" If you say it's time to take your bath, he answers, "Are you lying?"  And on and on.... I am now working on MANNERS: it is impolite to ask someone if they are lying!

Anyway, Berkeley came running through the house yesterday yelling "Daddy's home" when he really wasn't.  I explained it wasn't Daddy and he answered, "I not lying!"

Oh Geez!

Well we are getting into a quasi-rhythm for the summer.  Then again school will start by the time we have it all down pat.  Berkeley decided he is NOT sleeping in his baby bed any more.  Much to this mommy's dismay.  I was hoping to hold out to Christmas.  For no reason other than I just did not want to admit he is not a baby anymore!  He is very quick to correct me any time I call him my baby, that he is a Big Boy.  But I can call Bradford a baby...according to Berkeley!  After a weekend in Salado with our friends who are expecting, Bradford keeps asking when we are going to get a new baby too.  Oh and a play kitchen?

Oh Geez again!

And yes that was my child you may have seen watching fireworks wearing sound proofing ear thingys.  He isn't a fan of loud noises.  So the BOOM scared him.  He loved the colors, especially from the inside of my car.  While one is scared of the noise, the other can sleep through it!  Brandon had to carry Bradford to the car when it was over because at some point he had fallen asleep on the blanket even with the loud BOOM!  Fun memories!

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