Sunday, July 11, 2010

Give me an "R"

When you start off a new friendship courtesy of a hardcore work out at 5:30 in the morning, three days a week, with no make-up, sweating up a storm, you get real close real quick!  Follow that up with extra time at Starbucks chatting.  Then thanks to a nice little injury all that comes to a sreeching halt after 10 months, and you realize a little too late, you miss your friend!  Thank God for husbands that let us sneak out of the house late at night.  I told Brandon this morning I had forgotten how much fun I had all those mornings for so long. Here's too making room for R time anytime!

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Anonymous said...

AAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh!! SO sweeeeeet!! Love you Rena. You just made me feel so special. [hug, hug, kiss,kiss} Let's do it again real soon. :)