Friday, March 4, 2011

Posh Camping

I love Airstreams!  I mean my whole Blog name centers around it!   Maybe it started with the I LOVE LUCY episode I saw as a kid   The Long, Long Trailer!  Although I think they actually had an Argosy not an Airstream.  But the novelty is still there.  During my stint as a personal shopper for Ralph Lauren, he did his first retro interior design of an Airstream. I was hooked.  Of course it's that polish job that makes these babies SHINE!   
 Courtesy of: Classic Driver
I admit when my husband and I started dating I was so far from an expert camper.  I could only recall camping a couple of times in my life...unless you count Youth Camp with our church and most real campers discount that immediately!  One time was in a cabin with my family at age 10(disaster that end in a hotel after one night) and the other was tent camping with friends right after high school.(dont ask how that went).  But the above picture is truly what I have in mind when I think about camping in an Airstream.  It's like wearing the coolest Vintage Chanel Suit ever made or one of Jackie O's Oleg Cassini gowns.  Timeless.  Classic.  Never goes out of style.     
Resoration Resources
1959 Airstream 18 Footer

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