Sunday, August 30, 2009


I took the boys to the Grand Re-Opening of The Owl's Nest Saturday. They had a blast. I enjoyed some interesting parent/child dynamics watching. In particular, one dad and his son who was about 2, really got me thinking. Yes, we as parents are totally responsible for these little human beings. But please do not mistake that to mean we are totally in control of our children. They are individuals with their own likes, dislikes, interests, talents and hobbies completely exclusive of us! My boys played with everything; the puppet curtain, the medieval castle, the rocking horse, the kitchen! The little 2 year old boy wanted to play with the kitchen too. His dad kept taking him away from the play kitchen, telling him to come play with the trucks, next time it was come play with balls, then come play with the horses. Anything to keep him from playing with the kitchen! Really? Nothing is going to happen to your 2 year old because he wants to play with a toy kitchen! I promise. He won't lose his 2 year old man card! Then he just about lost it when the little boy picked up a princess puppet! JUST LET THEM PLAY!!

So here are my TOP 8 Mommy Tips that are for Dads too!

1. It's OK if they wear their shoes on the wrong feet! At least they are putting them on themselves and it is one less thing you need to do to get out the door!!

2. Kids do not know the difference between gender specific toys! Only the parents do. Men are chefs, teachers and nurses. Women are doctors, engineers and truck drivers. And none of this was determined by the toys they played with at 2 years old! Good grief, look at me, I played with Spider Man and I turned out pretty prissy!

3. Kids really need to go to bed BEFORE their parents. Mommy and Daddy need quiet time!! PLEASE

4. Proper nutrient and naps cure almost ALL bad behavior! (a sugar laden cereal bar and a 15 min nap in the car do not suffice)

5. Teach your 1 year old to put his clothes in the hamper. Have it accessible and they will think it is fun! And they will continue to do it when they are 3, 4, 12.....And you wont be hollering, "put your clothes in the hamper...."

6. It is OK to day "NO" to your child!

7. Teach your sons to wipe the rim of the toilet, close the lid, and flush from the very beginning! Then wash hands of course.

8. Let your babies feed themselves as soon as they show an interest in it. Don't worry you can always bathe them again.

Well that's all I have for you. I thought I would make it to 10 but we are going to go with 8! Sounds like a great number to me. And you all may already know all this anyway. I am the late bloomer....


Des said...

Totally in agreement with all the 8! :-)

Rena said...

Des, My number 9 is only eat popsicles in the bath tub! I forgot that one! :)

Sharon said...

I agree 100%!! I'm going to pass these on to my mother in law...she's the one who smuggles all the junk food into my house!!!